Bust Blossom

Sample a unique offering from agua Bathhouse & Spa this Summer.

This service was created for Dr Jacksons Natural Products as a Signature treatment for agua Bathhouse & Spa at Mondrian London.

For each Treatment booked, the guest will receive a free gift:
The Expedition Pack offers a gift size No1 & No2 Face Cream, No3 Face Oil, and Tea Samples.

Our 'Breast in Class' is a therapeutic treatment that focuses on the upper torso to induce deep relaxation. Our team of experienced alternative specialists have created a unique protocol drawing from a training programme with the Jing Massage Institute, Eve Lom MBE and the Hydrotherm Institute.

By treating the entire thoracic cavity through gentle manipulation and breathing techniques, this treatment is able to promote the drainage of tension from the solar plexus and muscles of the chest, balance breathing rhythm and increase overall detoxification of the tissues through improved circulation.

The Bust Blossom treatment also targets the improvement of mobility of the shoulder girdle and for any post-surgery guests helps a little in alleviating discomfort and re-establishing touch.

Dr Jackson's Natural Products are based on Pharmacognosy principles.

This therapy is a full 50 minutes' session and includes treatment of chest and back with the use of a Hydrotherm water cushion for maximum comfort.

Afterwards, relax with a Dr Jackson's Expedition Tea in our spa lounge with duvet and hot water bottle.

Monday to Friday £80

Saturday to Sunday £90

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US 800 606 6090

INT 00800 4969 1770

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